X&O Handmade Custom Tufted Rug

X&O Handmade Custom Tufted Rug

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    Custom handmade tufted rugs in sizes, shapes, & colors that will bring your logo or artwork to life. Perfect for every room in your house or to buy as a gift for someone. Tufted rugs can perfect a space on a floor or be hung as artwork.

    Once you've placed your order, we will reach out to discuss details of your order to the email provided on the order.

    *All artwork must be converted to one of the acceptable formats - .jpeg, . png, .svg

    *Acrylic and Wool yarn

    *Standard production time is 3 weeks  (TAT will be confirmed in detail communication)

    *Shipping to all of Continental & Non US (+territories)

    *Non US shipping (will be discussed in detail communication)


    -Pricing reflects up to medium complexity of graphic-

    1 product
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    Custom Handmade Tufted Rug
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